Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You gotta keep on smilin'

First, good news... my granddad went for more tests this morning and the results were encouraging. His kidneys have a lot of blockage, but the doctor is sending him to an Eurologist to discuss several options for surgery that will result in a drastic change for the good! So, thank you for all of your prayers so far and continue to pray for a speedy recovery!!

A couple of my other blogging friends recently posted a top ten list of their pet peeves, and not that it is a bad thing, but I want to make a list of things that make me smile. So here they are in random order:

1. Watching Tatum dance. She is hilarious.

2. Seeing an older (senior citizen status) couple holding hands. I mean, come on... that's awesome!

3. Hearing a baby laugh. I know, I know... everyone smiles at this, but next time you experience this, you should really take it in.

4. Winning. I hate to be a sore winner, but I can't help it... it makes me happy!

5. When I'm sitting on the floor and my dogs come up and lay their heads down on my legs and look up at me with those big brown eyes.

6. The smell of fresh cut grass. It immediately puts me in a good mood.

7. Rob & Big. It's a TV show on MTV, but it is usually pretty clean humor and you can't help but laugh out loud while watching every episode. Those two guys make everything hilarious. They even made turtle racing one of the funniest things you've ever seen.
Caution: do not eat while watching this show!

8. America's Funniest Home Videos. I didn't want to add another TV show to the list, but this is a must-see for me. Videos of people getting hurt (knowing they're okay in the end) crack me up every time.

9. Waking up on a Saturday morning at 6:00 and knowing that I can go back to sleep. Ahhh.

10. Pictures of our wedding day. Everything about that day was perfect!


Misty said...

Rob and Big is the only thing we watch on MTV; I pretty much loathe that channel; but that show is SUBLIME! Good post!

Pam Carr said...

Rob & Big ROCK!!! My favorite was "Bobby Lite"...did you know that song is on you tube and Myspace! The other nite I was watching an Andy Grifith Show, and I remembered how your Dad and my brother could set and quote word for word every show! I also remembered how my brother would be Santa for ya'll, in the BAMA room with the Green carpet!!! I LOVED that room!!